All our cakes are made with the finest, fresh ingredients, and mixed with a whole lotta Love. Each and every cake is made to order and quickly delivered to ensure freshness at all times. Our cakes are used as special occasion gifts, Thanksgiving and the Holidays would not be complete without our mouth-watering rum cakes.

We are located in Boca Raton Florida, and ship to every corner of the world. Some of the most renowned chefs in South Florida have said that our rum cakes are the “Best Darn Rum Cakes that they have ever tasted”. That’s why they grace the dessert menu in many of their fine restaurants.

We are simple folk, our rum cakes are simply the best.

Such delight! A little bit of Heaven in every Bite.

Vanilla Raisin Walnut
This is our signature flavor.
 Layered with crushed walnuts, shredded coconut, and raisins. Truly "A little bit of Heaven in every bite".

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Classic Vanilla
Simply vanilla! Simply delicious!
This is an ideal cake to serve with fruit, top it off with whipped cream for added flair and flavor.

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Key Lime Lemon Burst
This delightful citrus rum cake is smooth on the palate, and teams well with white wine or champagne.
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Banana Cream
Bananalicious! Drizzle with melted chocolate for added scrumptiousness !
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Awesome Orange
This cake has a beautiful and delicate flavor, made only with organic oranges. For an added "dimension", drizzle with a sweet liqueur.
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Mocha Rum
Dark, and Decadently Delicious, the rich taste of chocolate and coffee. A must for chocolate lovers.
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Coconut Delight
Experience the flavors of the Islands, nothing says it more than "rum and coconut".Absolutely delicious!
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Chocolate Chip
Chocked full of chocolate chips, ideal for  all occasions.
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